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The quality of learning experiences in a child's earliest years plays a significant role in setting the foundations for lifelong development, including language acquisition, participation and achievement in formal schooling as well as social and emotional skills development.

At Edgeworth Heights Public School, our early years program celebrates the importance of a quality early years education by providing our students with an enriched learning environment that promotes self-discovery, social awareness and independence.

Our child-centred approach focuses on the development of fundamental literacy and numeracy skills as children pursue their individual interests and follow their natural curiosity.

Early action for success

Edgeworth Heights Public school is committed to improving eduation and learning outcomes for all students.  The NSW Department of Education strategy of 'Early Action for Success' is one of a number of valuable scaffolds that Edgeworth Heights Public School uses to support the improvement of literacy and numeracy.

The Early Action for Success strategy is focussed on the early years of schooling, with resources targeted to deliver the greatest educational impact by:

  • focusing on hands-on instructional leadership

  • explicitly assessing the learning needs of students and using ongoing assessment to plan, teach and personalise learning and to monitor students progress

  • focusing on classroom-based professional learning for teachers

  • using a range of classroom intervention strategies for students who need particular support.