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Financial contributions and assistance

To facilitate payments of school activities the school has a savings scheme that runs from Term 1 and allows parents to pay money off at regular periods rather than one lump sum. If you require this option please see us at the office.

School voluntary contribution fees

 The school contribution is:

  • $40.00 for the first child ($10 per term)
  • $30.00 for the second child ($7.50 per term)
  • third and subsequent children will be free.

This contribution will be used to assist with the purchase of exercise books, photocopying of work required for your child’s learning and a start-up supply of stationery equipment.

Payment of the contribution can be made to the administration office. Parents/carers may wish to use the school Eftpos facility, Parent online Payments, pay in bulk or use the school’s payment plan and pay off the contribution fee over the course of the scholastic year.

Notes and money

Performances and excursions are recognised as an integral and important part of learning. You will receive a note from the school when payment is required for a school activity. The completed permission note and correct money should be enclosed in a sealed envelope with your child's name and class, the amount of money and the name of the excursion or activity written clearly on the front. Your child is required to return the envelope to their child’s teacher when they go into class in the morning. These will be collected by office staff and a receipt will be given back to your child by his/her classroom teacher to bring home as confirmation of payment. If you need to pay by Eftpos please take the permission slip to the office during office hours.

Special note

Each event has a designated cut-off point for payments of all monies and collection of all permission/medical/health care notes. This cut-off date allows sufficient time for the receipting of money, appropriate risk management plans to be finalised, class lists to be generated and support personnel to be redirected.

If you are not prepared in advance and have not arranged for payment and return of all relevant notes your child may well miss out! Instead they will participate in alternative activities at school.

Economic hardship

If you are experiencing financial difficulty please make immediate contact with office staff when notes are sent home, to organise a meeting with the Principal to work out a possible payment plan. Primary schools receive a small allocation of Government funding to subsidise some school purchases for some parents. Make immediate contact with the Principal if school dress requirements will preclude any student from participating in the full range of school activities.

There are some costs associated with going to school that you may find it helpful to plan and budget for.

Costs to consider include:

  • uniforms

  • school books and equipment

  • excursions

  • co-curricular activities.

Voluntary school contributions

Like all NSW public schools, we can request contributions to enhance our educational and sporting programs including elective subjects. School contributions help provide additional educational resources for the benefit of students. Payment is voluntary.

For more information, visit the Voluntary School Contribution policy.

Financial assistance

If you are unable to pay school contributions because of financial hardship, you may be eligible for assistance from the school.

Our principal will ensure no student or family suffers any discrimination or embarrassment over the inability to pay school contributions.